Character Bio

Name – Joe Harris

Age – 26

Basic Info – Male. Agender. Feminist. Usually hungry. Likes the Endless Void of Space and long walks through your mind.

Degree – Bachelor of Arts in History from Grand Valley State University!

Academic Interests – I spent 7 years as an undergrad pursuing various majors: math, graphic design, biopsychology, chemistry, and, history. All of these things are interesting to me but history is the most important.

Current Obsessions – Bernie Sanders, Boku no Hero Academia, Magic: The Gathering, Rocket League, Mystery Skulls, Destiny, Welcome to Night Vale, Legal History.

Current Goals – Share thoughts and ideas about stories, get better at writing, enjoy stories with people that enjoy them, acknowledge faults in stories beyond basic errors that have a deeper and broader impact on society, play video games.

Life Obsessions – Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, A:TLA/LOK, Bleach, and pretty much everything Nintendo.

Life Goals – Own a new/used bookstore that doubles as a small community center, finish my own stories and get them out there.


My username is ‘afictionate’ for everything – tumblr, twitter, instagram, Steam, Xbox 360, PS4. If you wanna play, just let me know!