Thus The Blade Has Swung Down – But Didn’t Bleach Really End Almost 5 Years Ago?



I’ll start with the fact that I loved it while I was reading it. It’s hard for me to question chapters when they’re 20 pages long since I read them so fast. My favorite bit was that it was called Death & Strawberry, paralleling their kids meeting to their first meeting. Because the story was always about the relationship between Rukia and Ichigo. Doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it was, just that their meeting was what sparked everything.

After I looked into other people’s reactions, I noticed why everything felt off. They all ended up doing things they said they would never do, the complete lack of showing Ichigo actually falling for Orihime, the really fucking confusing “oh we beat him i guess but some stuff came back but no it might be the kid” thing, Aizen’s random-ass monologue. But even after the mess that the last chapter was, I don’t think I’m all that upset since it felt like the story ended five years ago.

I’ve never really understood why Kubo kept going after Aizen was defeated. He had so much stuff going for Aizen’s plans and having Ichigo lose his powers after seemed to be a nice ending. But then he just randomly added Yhwach and oh his mom was a quincy. I’m just also gonna ignore the Fullbringer arc, btw. But was the whole point of it to kill off the Captain Commander, or show off the thing between Kenpachi and Isane (that was this arc right?), or Hitsugaya’s bankai (which I loved the fuck out of except that it lasted 2 seconds)?

I’ve enjoyed that his art got really refined but the entire last two arcs seemed to just be a weird endcap that he didn’t need to do. I don’t feel like I got anything out of them that I didn’t get out of the Aizen storyline and I think that’s why I’m not really sad. It just feels like the story isn’t done and Kubo will go back and add stuff. Maybe at the very least, do a sequel and go back to show us shit about everyone that is enough to get us to believe they would all end up doing what they did.

I don’t know. I suppose at least I’m not an Ichiruki shipper. And if you are, I’m sorry about what happened.


I went back before I posted this ^ to check and make sure I wasn’t crazy and I’ve changed my mind on some things.

I guess I don’t mind the Fullbringer Arc as much as I thought I did. But I did realize that Kubo can’t end arcs well. Both of the arc conclusions for Aizen and the Fullbringers could have been solid endings if he had taken the time. But each of the chapters that end the Aizen Arc and the Fullbringer Arc just kinda end like there is going to be another chapter. And to be fair, there was another chapter afterwards. Except this time there wasn’t. The Blood War Arc ended and he didn’t have another arc to jump into. He just had to end it. And he just chose to jump ahead and force them into settling down with no reasons why.

Also, I can’t remember what happened with his hallow self. I always thought that would be a major thing that would resolve itself at the end of the story. Also also, give me Grimmjow back.

And finally, I still think the last arc was a mistake. This is a picture of them at the beginning of the last arc. And this atmosphere is why I’ve always been reading Bleach:


Where did these characters go?



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