First Impressions: Top 4 Anime – Fall 2016

Lately, I've been attempting to restrict how much anime I watch per season so I can devote my time to a variety of¬†things. I've managed to get that number down to a few so I want to share the top four shows that I'm looking forward to this season. They are all fairly different and... Continue Reading →


Thus The Blade Has Swung Down – But Didn’t Bleach Really End Almost 5 Years Ago?

NOT SPOILER-FREE   I'll start with the fact that I loved it while I was reading it. It's hard for me to question chapters when they're 20 pages long since I read them so fast. My favorite bit was that it was called Death & Strawberry, paralleling their kids meeting to their first meeting. Because... Continue Reading →

#ReadThemAllThon TBR – Pokemon-inspired reading challenge!!

So I'm joining a Pokemon-themed read-a-thon set up by Aentee at Read at Midnight and referred to me by Katsyxo. I've got a bunch of books that I need to get through, I love Pokemon, and I don't have a job right now so this is kinda perfect. It started today and runs until September... Continue Reading →


Destiny’s Story Got a Little Weird – Pointers for the Map and Some Suggestions for Playthroughs

With the additions of the expansions, Destiny's story got sort of twisted up, so if you're playing the game for the first time and it gets a little confusing or if you're playing a new character and things look a little different, I hope this can help you. The are four different story lines in... Continue Reading →


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